Dimitar Osmanli

Executive Director

Mr. Osmanli’s professional experience encompasses a blend of senior management and education-related skills which has an adequate application with M6’s Educational Centre for leadership and management. Mr. Osmanli’s private sector experience spans over a period of several years serving as :
• CEO of SAPFARM, an Israeli-based software development company
• Co-founder and CEO of DCMV Consulting, a US Government services contractor, based in Washington DC
• Strategy Consultant to GOFI SA, a Swiss-based holding company with over 12 lines of business

His career in private education spans over a period of 10 years, namely as:
• Director of Annual Campaigns with American University in Washington DC
• General Secretary at New York University in Skopje
• Lecturer of HR, Marketing, Marketing Management and Corporate Communications at the Macedonian Institute for the Media, New York University in Skopje, as well as several independent lectures with USAID and the US Peace Corps in Skopje.

Mr. Osmanli holds a dual MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Management from American University’s Kogod School of Business, and a BSBA in International Management.

Ivana Maznev

Ms. Maznev`s professional experience has been based around coordinating various educational activities including business development, research and event management.
She has been an active member of the M6 Educational Centre team since May 2010 and has actively partaken in the overall success of the centre.