Supply Chain Management

Fuad Strik, 03.12.2009, Economic Chamber of Commerce

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In the period of daily expectation for the first tangable signs of the end of worlwide recession, companies are still facing downsizing of their activities combined with the effort to keep sustainabillity for their core business. It requires different, flexible approach to the supply change processes within companies and corporations.
This seminar will deal with the role of top management in the process of optimisation of supply chain process through deep assessment of the structure of the operational costs. The seminar will be focused to the ways on wich senior leaders could be engaged in the process of improvement models identification and their implementation.

This seminar will outline in three parts:
Module 1 - Effort and engagement of the company leaders in the analysis of organisational structure in relation to the supply chain processes, internal reasons for existing obstacles and costs generation elements.

Module 2 - How to recognize non value added expenditures which are result of failure of flexibility – poor management response or lack of visibility of costs in a supply chain.

Module 3 - Role of the leaders in the improvement measures implementation with key focuse on the lean of organisation, core business areas and market orintetation combined with improvement of communication between all management levels.

Who Should Attend
· Company leaders, top management, senior supply chain and production managers
· Companies are also encouraged to send their talented young executives as a part of their development program


9:00 Registration

9:30 – 11:00 Module 1: Analysis of supply chain process in downturm
· Analysis of organizational structure in relation to supply chain processes
· Identifying the opportunities for optimization
· Internal reasons for costs generation
· Pareto analysis

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15 – 12:45 Module 2: Non value-added expenditures within the process
· Inadequate work asassignments and work orders
· Lack of back-up solutions
· Failure of flexibility – poor management response
· Lack of costs visibility and lost time

12:45- 13:30 Lunch Break

13:30 – 14:45 Module 3: Implementation of the lean organization
· Improvement measures implementation process
· Focus on core business areas
· Focus on market oriented supply chain
· Role of leaders in improvement process – role of communication
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Fuad Strik
Mr. Strik is nationally-respected leader in the Bosnian business and international consulting world with 20 years of relevant experience leading major private sector development and foreign investment initiatives in Bosnia. Significant experience jump-starting sales and capturing local, regional and international market trends. Highly experienced manager of national and international staff, subcontractors, and partners: effectively leverages powerful network in the BiH business and donor community. Launched Coca-Cola Bosnia, growing the business from a small distributor of imported products to the biggest producer of soft drinks in Bosnia, with 74% of the market share and significant regional exports. Founded and led Strik Consulting, assisting various donors with major initiatives to support and strengthen SMEs in different industry sector. Experienced in the creation and practical implemetation of change management projects.
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