Talent Management: Attracting and Retaining High Performing Employees

Tereza Serafimova & Afrodita Kermicieva - Panovska, 21-22.12.2010, M6 Educational Centre

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Workshop overview

The organizations are facing a critical skill and talent pool shrinking in relation to demand. Acquiring and retaining talent and bridging the talent gap means that companies have three options for talent: buy it, “steal it” or develop it internally.
This workshop gives you an opportunity to expand knowledge and explore the tools for developing talent management strategy within your organization / team. It will address the issues of having the right people with the right skills and competences in the right roles at the right time. Additionally, it will give you a perspective of the HR management practices you need to create / improve, implement and cascade, which will have serious impact on your organization’s ability to execute and grow.

Who Should Attend

· Middle and line managers from any functional area in the organizations will benefit from attendance on this workshop.
· We will encourage your participation with a group of more than two people who could strategically think and prepare talent management plan for their work unit / organization.

How will you benefit?

The workshop provides an excellent opportunity for the attendees to learn about and explore the opportunities of talent management (TM) “pipeline” and TM tools. You will benefit by:
· Expanding HRM outlook from personnel administration to business driven human capital management
· Identifying, cultivating and nurturing talents within Your team
· Exploring the new ways to develop a culture of employee engagement
· Brainstorming about a model of TM strategy and
· Gaining knowledge of best practices in: employee selection, on-boarding, succession planning, employee & executive development and performance management.

Day 1 (21, December, 2010)

09:00 Registration and Coffee

09:30 – 11:00 Module 1:
· Why Talent Management is important?
   - Talent is a key for competitive advantage
   - The shortage of talents is reality
   - Talent management process: Your role as a line and middle manager
   - Identifying “High performers”
· (Case Study/Interactive Exercise )

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15 – 12:45 Module 2:
· Retaining talents 1: Engagement vs Burnout.
   - Where disengagement comes from?
   - Leadership and engagement
   - How can we enhance engagement?
· Interactive Exercise: Measuring engagement

Day 2 (22, December, 2010)

09:00 Registration and Coffee

09:30 – 11:00 Module 3:
· Retaining talents 2: Performance management system.
   - You want me to go where?
· High potential programs
· Succession planning
· Executive development / Coaching
   - Transition management
   - Steps Through the Hierarchy
· Talent map
· Interactive Exercise: The 9-Box Talent Management System and talent map

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15 – 12:45 Module 4:
· Presentations & group discussion about the interactive exercise
· Last thoughts: TM matters – it creates sustainable profit

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Tereza Serafimova
Tereza Serafimova is a Human Resources Consultant and partner in AAG Communications. With more than 15 years consulting experience she assists individuals and working teams to realize their own potential in life and work. The methodology she uses, provides gaining strategic self-consciousness at individual/organizational level.
Since the establishment of AAG Communications in 2006, she develops specifically adjusted projects for every client company, whose purpose is assistance in gaining a competitive advantage through the employees and initiation of the process of development into human capital. The AAG Communications business model is to be a detached section of HR Management for small and medium enterprises. Within such project, in 2009 Mrs. Serafimova was engaged as an HR Manager in Tikves Winery.
She possesses Cornel certificate for HR Management, system management with effect: design and introduction. She is a certified consultant and distributor of Hogan Assessment Systems services and instruments for Macedonia, as a global standard in the person assessment industry, whose services and products are used in more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies. Being a doctor and a psychiatrist, Mrs. Serafimova has an international experience in project management.
She is a member of the Macedonian HR Association, the Macedonian Psychiatric Association, the Macedonian Medical Chamber and a founding member of the Institute of Directors.
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Afrodita Kermicieva - Panovska
Consultant, trainer and an expert for development of capacities, engaged in Macedonia and the region of South Eastern Europe since 1999. Certified Management Consultant - CMC© and Global Career Development Facilitator GCDF, member of the International Association of Facilitators IAF. She is a founding member of the Macedonian HR Association and of the Macedonian Association of Advisers for Career Development. She is a founder of CS Global, company for training, consulting and outsourcing (www.csglobal.com.mk) established in 2004 with main focus on HR management and development, career change and capacity building. Publisher of Global HR™ professional monthly magazine for HR management and development, part of the EBSCO data base of scientific and expert publications www.globalhr.mk.
Since 1999 she works on organizational restructure, creation of awarding systems, performance management, attracting talents and management programs. She also works on projects for downsizing the number of employees, establishment of HR department and capacity building of existing departments.
She has an experience in working with international companies such as T-Mobile, UNIQA, ProCredit Bank, Apollonia, UNDP, USAID, OSCE.
Mrs. Panovska finished her studies in Bavaria, Germany and has an international experience in working and living in different countries. As a member and president of AIESEC Student Organization until 1998, she participated in many international seminars, conferences and trainings throughout the world.
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