Consumer Behaviour

Otilia Dörnyei, 23.03.2011, M6 Educational Centre

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Seminar overview

Since the beginnings of Marketing, our World had changed a lot and so have the consumers. The typical consumer characteristics valid 5 or 10 years ago are not the same today. Marketers must clearly understand how the changing World influences consumers and how consumers demand responds to change.
This one-day seminar focuses on global, world-wide trends on regional movements and on local tradition and roots that influence the consumer. During this interactive seminar, participants will learn how to use principles, trends and how to practice them in their everyday work.

Who Should Attend

The seminar is recommended for senior Executives, and Marketing and Sales professionals who want to understand what drives consumers to buy products and how they can influence this purchasing process. Insights and learning will be delivered on both strategic and operational levels.

How will you benefit?

· Learn how to better understand consumer drivers and needs
· Be informed about mega and regional trends that you can apply locally
· Learn to speak the languages of different ages and the status of consumers
· Learn through examples of the successes or failures of others
· Build your own concept for the market you are targeting

11:00 Registration and Coffee

11:30 – 13:00 Module 1:
· What happened in the World over the past 20 years, while South-East Europe was trying to get on the uplift?
· World and Europe lookout regarding consumer behavioural trends
· The “facebook” of the (Central) European consumer
· Draw your picture of the Macedonian consumer vs. others (group exercise)

13:00 – 13:15 Coffee Break

13:15 – 14:45 Module 2:
· Successes and failures to learn from – we do not need to “reinvent the wheel” every day
· Re-defining target groups (are the old target-definitions really out-of-date?)
· Messages that worked at the right place and at the right time with the right marketing mix
· Examples from Macedonian consumer marketing (Discussion)

14:45- 15:30 Snacks and Coffee

15:30 – 17:00 Module 3:
· Measures vs. intuition – what type of data is available, how to use different data sources and what to do if we can rely only on our feelings · Latest consumer behaviour know-how on how to influence conscious and unconscious decisions · How research and behavioural sciences can help marketing planning and execution (Case studies)
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Otilia Dörnyei
Ms. Otilia Dörnyei is one of the CEE new-generation professional market researchers who dived deep into the post-communist consumer mind, exploring the new attitudes in the developing era. Ms. Dörnyei has been working in Consumer researches for 14 years in Hungary and for 5 years in Central and Eastern Europe within the GfK Group. Ms. Dörnyei has worked on research solutions with more than 70 Consumer and Retail companies. Her professional focus is based on exploring conscious and unconscious behaviour of consumers during the purchase decision-making process, and on the ways marketing influences this process.
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