Managing Change: Creating our Future

Chris Leek, 21.03.2012, M6 Educational Centre

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Seminar overview

This intriguing seminar focuses on an examination of the key drivers for change and producing a template and a set of tools which you, as your companies’ leaders, can apply to achieve your vision and your goals for growth. From the start, you will be encouraged to explore your organization’s major change challenges.
You will examine the psychology of change and how resistance might be turned into positive commitment through building a critical mass of change champions. You will assess your personal style in leading change initiatives and to consider how you might best apply that style.
Finally, you will be encouraged to start or accelerate the process of planned for change in your company’s structure and operational culture so that your strategies for growth might be best achieved

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for your organisation’s key decision makers and for anyone who has a role to play in managing and leading the process of change

How will you benefit?

By participating in this one day seminar, you will:
· Enhance your understanding of the change process in organisational and in persona terms
· Explore the drivers and needs for change and how you can harness those for corporate success
· Build a model for change and consider how it might meet your organisation’s strategic needs
· Become more aware of the impact of change on your people and how you can help them deal with both the negative and positively perceived aspects of change
· Assess your own style in managing and leading change
· Review the culture of your company and what should be the major features of your ongoing strategy for creating your future

11:00 – 11:30 Registration and Coffee

11:30 – 13:00 Module 1
· An Overview of the Change process
· Change Drivers
· Preparing a template for change
· The major tools for managing change - a change management methodology
· Building a powerful business case
· The role of Stakeholders
· Case Study/Interactive Exercise Part 1 A significant three part exercise in which participants produce a strategy for change management for their own organizations. Specifying what qualities, skills and mindsets leaders must possess and deploy to secure effective change

13:00 - 13:15 Coffee Break

13:15 – 14:45 Module 2
· Reactions to Change
· The impact of employees failing to buy in to and offering full commitment to change initiatives – age & other factors
· Securing transformation and preparing new workforce for new and more complex roles
· Coaching, supporting, and counselling the resistors. Whose responsibility is it?
· Developing change champions, leveraging on our allies.
· The importance of influencing and managing organizational politics)
· Case Study/Interactive Exercise Part 2 Integrating Change Strategy and Business Strategy
· Coping with longer term uncertainty – continuity through succession planning
· Steady state or massive fluidity

14:45 - 15:30 Lunch Break

15:30 – 17:00 Module 3
· Managing the risk of strategic drift. The organisational impact of shifts in corporate strategy. McKinsey 7xS.
· The role and nature of culture change
· Assessing the culture we have and the one we need – application of the Schneider tool
· Recognising and responding to changes in operating methods
· Agreeing the components of change strategy and their application to our own companies
· Case Study/Interactive Exercise Part 3 Final breakout session to explore the effect that changes in strategy have on our organisations. Report back of findings
· Recognising and responding to changes in operating methods
· Agreeing the components of change strategy and their application to our own companies
· Securing continuity through the use of change strategy units and change champions
· Concluding thoughts and commitment

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Chris Leek
Chris Leek provides support to organizations on a wide range of issues in the field of strategic development of people and organizations and in a wide range of locations. Chris has worked for a substantial number of organizations across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. His areas of expertise are: Strategic Leadership and Management of Change and Innovation in organizations, and the Human Skills underpinning it; the development and execution of Strategy, Executive Leadership, Building High Performance Organizations and Teams, Assessment and Development of people, Talent Management and Performance Management.
Chris has worked with Fortune 500 clients in the agro-chemical industry, aluminium, banking, beverages, bio-tech, chemicals, construction and construction materials, consultancy, extractive industries, facilities management, financial services, fire and rescue, food, freight and distribution, education, electrical, mechanical and plant engineering, landscaping, legal, manufacturing, motor manufacture, newspapers, oil and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, police and justice systems, power generation and distribution, printing and publishing, retailing, telecommunications, the tobacco industry , tourism and utilities.
He has also worked at senior management level with many public sector organizations and not-for-profit organizations- Local and Regional Government, Police Forces and Executive Agencies of National Government in the United Kingdom and the European Union. He has also worked with organizations during their public-private sector transitions, in the UK with Water, the National Rivers Authority and the Environment Agency, and has directed the HR Masters Programme at Aston Business School.
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