Resolving Conflict with Emotional Intelligence

Mike George, 27.03.2014, M6 Educational Centre

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Seminar overview

Conflict can have a devastating effect on productivity, morale, teamwork and ultimately your organisation. This workshop does not promise an end to all conflict. That is impossible. But it will give you the necessary insight, a proven approach and the relevant skills which you can easily apply whenever conflict does arise.
All conflict involves emotion. In most conflicts it’s emotion that is the currency of exchange and the primary delay in achieving any kind of resolution. This is why the effective leader needs to understand the role of emotions in conflict situations and how to help others communicate calmly and co-operatively to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with management responsibilities who wishes to develop their leadership skills in handling the emotional aspects of interpersonal relationships, grow their understanding of how to resolve conflict and maintain harmony in the team. Team leaders, managers and supervisors who facilitate group processes. Those in conflict with others who wish to find solutions.

How will you benefit?

This one day workshop is designed to give participants clear insight into the root causes of all forms of conflict, the role of emotion in sustaining conflict and how to lead others towards resolution. Delegates will also gain an insight into how conflict can produce positive change, lead to unity and promote collaboration.

· Understand exactly why all conflict happens
· Know how to lead others to resolution
· The role of emotional intelligence in arriving at resolution
· Recognise the signs of conflict emerging in a team situation
· Identifying and dissolving the emotions that arise in conflict situations
· Understanding the cause and effect of emotions and how emotions sabotage the leaders competency

    Conflict is an Opportunity to Heal Relationships
    “There is nothing more inevitable than conflicted relationships in the
    workplace. It’s not bad or good, it’s just the reality of people
    working together with different points of view and contrasting
    personalities. To an enlightened leader all conflict is an opportunity
    to help people understand themselves better and bring the team closer
    together. Conflict is often a vital pit stop on the road to greater collaboration.
       Mike George, Liberating Leadership

11:00 – 11:30 Registration and Coffee

11:30 – 13:00 Module 1: Recognizing and Understanding
· The seven home truths about conflict · The two primary reasons why conflict occurs · How to spot the ‘emotional red flags’ which indicate conflict is brewing · The seven types of conflict

13:00 - 13:15 Coffee Break

13:15 – 14:45 Module 2: Dissolving and Resolving
· Seven steps to co-operative resolution
· Keeping your emotions out of the way
· Five essential rules for open communication
· Proven ways to prevent conflict from escalating
· Separating the person from the problem - what it really means and how to do it

14:45 - 15:30 Lunch Break

15:30 – 17:00 Module 3: Behaviours and Barriers
· How to confront people in a way that minimizes defensiveness and hostility
· The secrets to controlling your own anxiety, anger and fear in a conflict situation
· How to break the automatic link between emotions and actions
· Using the power of influence
· Building genuine trust and respect

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Mike George
Mike George is a management development tutor, a bestselling author and an inspirational speaker. For almost thirty years he has coached, guided and facilitated the executive development of managers and leaders in companies and corporations in over 30 countries. In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humor, Mike brings together the three key strands of 21st century – emotional/spiritual intelligence, management/leadership development and continuous learning.
He is the author of nine books on Self Development including The 7 AHA`s of Highly Enlightened Souls, Don’t Get MAD Get Wise, In the Light of Meditation and his latest book The 7 Myths About LOVE…Actually has just been published. Each year he runs a series of Awareness Retreats worldwide.
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