Effective Communication Techniques

Ana Saltirova-Davidovski, 30.05.2017, M6 Educational Centre

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Ana Saltirova-Davidovski
Ana Saltirova-Davidovski currently holds the position of Manager of Human Resources at AMSM. Since 2005, she has been actively engaged in developing and delivering training on the following topics: organizational communication, management skills, teamwork, organizational change, customer service, communication skills, personal management, presentation skills, time management, etc.
As a consultant on organizational change, she has managed operational teams to improve communication with customers, development of strategy, efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications and operations, developing human resources in the organization and others.
Ana’s scientific interest is focused on opportunities for development of the "average" individual, as well as improving performance by focusing on individual learning differences.
Ana is also a correspondent for the Global HR ™ monthly professional magazine for management and human resources development, and also actively writes for Statija.mk e-zine.
She holds a Masters degree in Human Resources Management and NLP, and is currently working on a proposal for a doctoral dissertation study in the same area.
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