Tereza Serafimova

Tereza Serafimova is a Human Resources Consultant and partner in AAG Communications. With more than 15 years consulting experience she assists individuals and working teams to realize their own potential in life and work. The methodology she uses, provides gaining strategic self-consciousness at individual/organizational level.
Since the establishment of AAG Communications in 2006, she develops specifically adjusted projects for every client company, whose purpose is assistance in gaining a competitive advantage through the employees and initiation of the process of development into human capital. The AAG Communications business model is to be a detached section of HR Management for small and medium enterprises. Within such project, in 2009 Mrs. Serafimova was engaged as an HR Manager in Tikves Winery.
She possesses Cornel certificate for HR Management, system management with effect: design and introduction. She is a certified consultant and distributor of Hogan Assessment Systems services and instruments for Macedonia, as a global standard in the person assessment industry, whose services and products are used in more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies. Being a doctor and a psychiatrist, Mrs. Serafimova has an international experience in project management.
She is a member of the Macedonian HR Association, the Macedonian Psychiatric Association, the Macedonian Medical Chamber and a founding member of the Institute of Directors.
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