Angelka Peeva Laurencic

The professional background of Angelka Peeva Laurencic is centered around corporate and political communications, related to designing and implementing marketing and communications projects for some of the largest companies and political subjects in the country and the region.
Angelka draws on her experience in corporate and political communications from her past professions as a professional politician and later as an entrepreneur, founder, and manager of one of the leading communications management and public relations agencies in Macedonia – Image PR. In both capacities, Angelka established herself as a frontrunner of public relations and communications management in Macedonia, and was able to achieve significant professional success due to her work ethic, professionalism and commitment.
Angelka is also a graduate and post-graduate lecturer in the field of Public Relations at different educational institutions, and has delivered numerous trainings, seminars, and courses for different foreign and domestic organizations and institutions such as NDI, IRI, USAID, various governmental institutions and ministries, and some of the largest domestic and international companies.
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