Dr. Raymond Saner

Political psychologist and economist and Professor at the Economic Science Centre at Basle University, Switzerland. He teaches international negotiations to students enrolled in graduate studies in economics at Basle University and at Sciences Po, Paris (Master in Public Affairs).

Coach and trainer in international negotiations (Brussels, Beijing, Berne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Geneva, Jakarta, Manila, New York, Paris, Rome, Taipei, The Hague). Author of simulation and training cases focusing on bilateral and multilateral diplomatic and trade negotiations.

International Negotiation Processes at organisational, inter-organisational and global levels.

(Current) Projects
Training, civil servants , business executives and diplomats in different countries and at Basle University and Sciences Po.

· Prof. Em. Organisation and International Management, Basle University, Basle
· Director, DiplomacyDialogue, CSEND, Geneva

· PhD, Union University, Cleveland Ohio, USA.
· MS, Lesley University, Boston, Mass., USA.
· BA, Basle University, Basle, Switzerland
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