Jan Zijlstra

Jan Zijlstra is an independent consultant, researcher and educator in the field of sustainability and worldview changes. He is Director of Sintesa+ company for sustainable development, and co-founder and consultant of Kalen, Platform for self realization and sustainable ways of life.
The various posts Jan has held in his professional career have helped him build flexible base for working in diverse environments and with people from different social and cultural backgrounds and mindsets. This set of experiences has enabled him to successfully guide individuals, companies and organisations trough innovation and change processes.
His work experience includes wide span of functions, such as company advisor for change management, general manager of an international data management company, various management positions in the Netherlands, Taiwan and Macedonia, consultant for a transportation company, as well as a volunteer for Mother Teresa in India, Permaculture Designer, trainer and coach for Permaculture and natural building, and sustainability educator and consultant.
His educational background includes Human Resource management, Total Quality management, Internal advising skills and Systemic coaching, Efficient management and Electrical engineering. He studied Permaculture with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton.
His work and personal interests inspired him to live, work and travel extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America. His aim in life is to help towards raising awareness about the importance of the sustainable way of living and taking positive action in society.
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