Ivana Dojcinovska-Stojanovic

Ivana is experienced HR manager, specialized on SHRM in manufacturing companies. Since 2010 she is performing the role of an HR Director in Wabtec MZT in Skopje, global railway manufacturer based in USA. She is planning, organizing and implementing all people management activities in the plant with more than 350 employees.
Ivana has more than 12 years of experience in the area of workforce development in the country and region, has been actively involved in processes of reforming the educational sector since 1997, more specifically vocational education, adult education, cooperation between education and business sector, labor market and career guidance, specialized in the transition from education to employment. Ivana has held more than 30 training courses in the field of human resources development and human resources management, career counselling, intercultural communication and organizational behavior.
Ivana holds a master’s degree in HR Management. She is GCDF certified career facilitator and trainer, trained PR officer, certified mentor for interns in companies and licensed translator and interpreter for German language. In the scope of the “HR manager of the year 2014” event, the Macedonian HR Association (MHRA) awarded Ivana as one of the most proven HR professionals a Recognition for professional fulfilment and contribution.
Ivana is co-founder and Board member of the Macedonian Association of Career Counsellors –ASK. Since March 2015 she is also Board member of the Macedonian HR Association (MHRA).
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