Svetlana Misajlovska

Svetlana Misajlovska is a psychologist, Gestalt counselor, and certified SDI and PMP trainer. Svetlana's broad experience in corporate working operations and conditions has enabled her to easily recognize gaps in employee performance due to deficiencies in skills, knowledge, and organizational conflict. Since 2007 she has been implementing educational systems in various corporate environments, and has successfully delivered training in corporate communications, team work and cooperation, conflict management, customer service, customer retention, and culture change management. Svetlana's main focus today is on professional workforce development and utilization of full employee potential in the workplace.
Svetlana currently holds the position of Training Expert in the telecommunications operator ONE Macedonia, in addition to serving as a trainer on communication skills to the SEE University in Tetovo. She also holds a Masters degree in HR Management, in addition to her management skills, professional excellence, professional trainer and PMP certificates.