AI For managers and executives (ai4me)

Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence

M6 Educational Centre in partnership with the AI Center, Sweden delivers an online workshop titled AI for Managers and Executives (AI4ME). This 6 week workshop is comprised of 5 separate modules and it provides you with practical knowledge on contemporary issues concerning the digital transition and artificial intelligence. As part of the mutual cooperation AI Center grants promotional codes for discounts for participants that are applying by using M6 Educational Centre’s promo code.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming many industries around the world. AI increases efficiency in different sectors and revolutionizes a wide range of operations from supply chain management to HR. Increasingly, companies, organizations, and governments are becoming aware of the potential of AI technologies.

In this emerging AI-driven economy, it is an inevitable need to understand how to navigate such challenges to minimize risk and optimize benefit for your organization, especially as governments increase regulatory oversight. This groundbreaking program will provide best practices for organizations and equip participants with the tools needed to implement them.

Program goals

Who is this for


Main lecturer: Reza Moussavi, Director-General of the AICenter

Reza is an intelligence analyst and tech innovator who has been selected as the top 10 innovators of Europe at Innovact Campus Award in 2011, France. Reza is a software engineer with more than 20 years of experience in project management and team leadership while working on several national and international software projects. Reza was an elected director of the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS), business mentor for one of the world’s leading tech accelerators: Founder Institute, as well as an industrial mentor, thesis supervisor, and teacher assistant at the University of Gothenburg. Currently, he is the director-general of the AICenter Sweden, CTO of DefaultAI AB, and a member of the European AI Alliance.

There will be 2 guest lecturers as well.


Earn a Certificate Of Completion. Get recognized for your knowledge! Upon completion of the program, AICenter in Sweden will grant participants a certificate of completion. In order to receive the certificate, participants must attend 80% of the classes, four out of the five weekly sessions.

Learning Objectives

In this 6 week program, we will have 5 weeks of lectures, supervision sessions, and assignments. In week 6 we will have the delivery of assignments, the final supervision sessions, and the graduation ceremony.

During each of the 5 modules, we will focus on different topics with a specific purpose.

Modules and agenda

Module 1, Introduction to AI

The purpose of this module is to give a 360-degree view of AI and to lay the ground for understanding AI. For this purpose, we will spend some time clarifying what is and also what is not AI. We then touch upon the background and history of AI. Then we look into the contemporary rise of AI and why now AI has come to the surface after decades of being behind technologies, academic circles, and labs.

Module 2, Growth dilemma

AI has not been without controversy. Historically, the damages of new technologies and human advancements have never been insignificant. From a science fiction contribution to the AI takeover scenarios and AI overlords (i.e.Matrix the movie) to the facts spread through the news about AI, specifically robots, taking over human jobs.

The purpose of this module is to get a better understanding of the current growth dilemma in the AI industry. Learning how much AI is actually against humanity, how far AI can take over jobs, and finally how we can prevent such scenarios from happening in the future. In this module, we will learn the facts and status of the dilemma and get an introduction to human-centered AI

Module 3, Machine learning

Most of the time, when you hear the word AI it is actually referring to ML, a subset of AI. Machine Learning (ML) is an important growing subset of AI and most AI applications are placed within the ML subset. In this module, we will learn what is ML and look into some of the use-cases. To make this module more practical for leaders, managers, and executives, we will look into the decision-making parameters when it comes to adding ML to the organization; how we know if we should buy an ML product/service or to train one and maybe to build one.

Module 4, Adding AI competence to an organization

Understanding AI and even being able to build AI systems is an essential part of an AI expert job. When it comes to managers and executives it doesn’t affect the organization whether you can build an AI or not. A manager or an executive needs to be able to apply AI, not to build one. The purpose of this module is to understand how to add AI to an organization. We will look into the main concerns when it comes to adding AI experts and relevant skills and competence to the organization. Then we look at the specific differences of AI project management and how to approach AI consultancy.

Module 5, Management toolbox

In our lifetime, there was a time that knowing how to work with computers was a luxury advantage for managers. Today, knowing what is an email or even using it is a basic requirement for almost everyone at work.

Using email, task management apps, scheduling systems, online services such as google drive, dropbox, zoom, and many others are basic requirements. Many non-computer-related tools and techniques such as SWOT, Six Sigma, Ishikawa diagram (fishbone), DCF, and many others are easily recognized and used by managers and executives but what do they need to add in order to be equipped for the world of AI? The purpose of this module is to learn what it means to be an AI-ready manager and having an AI-ready team. How to understand the relevance of AI to your organization and where to use AI. What are cost efficiency factors on advancing the organization with AI and finally and probably the most crucial section; risk analysis.