Excellence in Export and Logistics

Organizers: M6 Educational Centre / SGIT Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen, Steinbeis UniversityBerlin / Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg (EABW) / Export Academy

M6 Educational Centre is launching a new exclusive training program titled Excellence in Export and Logistics. In partnership with the Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen part of the Steinbeis University Berlin, we designed a program that will be brought to you by Germany’s most renowned experts in the field of international export, along with local experts that will encounter you with the local practices.

The Excellence in Export and Logistics course contains practical lessons in global trading which deal with the most important aspects of SMEs internationalization process, including managing overall international business, international sales and marketing, intercultural management and international HR, global sourcing and logistics, international financial management and international law and regulatory.


This added knowledge will greatly assist local companies to start exporting or export more, but also to individuals that want to pursue a career in international business. 

A certificate of completion by world recognized institute from Germany that has more than 30 years of experience in academic education starting from 1980.

Course Objectives

To produce fully equipped export workforce, confident in successfully contributing to the internalization process of any company regardless whether it is on its start of its internalization or has already long experience in exporting products / services.

With participating on this course you will gain:

Course Description

The course is based on the following key principles:

Start Date: End of March

Duration: Three months

Classes delivery: Live /Online / Hybrid

Number of Modules: 7

Study/activity time: up to 70 hours total

Teaching Method: Lectures, discussions and case studies

Tuition: 1900 EUR